Dining table and chairs upcycle – day 1!

So my boyfriend and I have a few days off work and have decided to start working on our dining table and chairs. To set the scene, when we moved house we were looking for a farmhouse style dining table and chairs on ebay and were getting ready to spend a fair bit on it, which we shouldn’t really be doing as we need to save a deposit for a place of our own. It turns out my dad had one that we could have for nothing but the cost of getting it couriered to ours. There were two matching chairs and I knew I could find more on ebay to make a set of 6. “What’s the catch” I hear you cry?

Well, dad had been given it by a neighbour who was going to throw it in a skip. That was 10 years ago and dad has been using it for potting plants on in his greenhouse ever since! To make matters worse, the family’s dog had been rather fond of chewing on the table and chairs! As you can imagine it was in a bit of a state, but not irreparable and ultimately almost free. We gave it a good clean and transported it to our house. I bought 4 matching chairs cheaply and I got a pink spotty pvc cloth to cover the table with. It has been serving us very well for a few months now.

These pictures show how it looked when we “rediscovered” the table…





And this is an example of the dog damage on one of the chairs.


We’ve now decided it’s time to tackle the makeover! A very lovely friend of mine has lent us her two electric sanders and we’ve collected together lots of sand paper, wood filler, primer and our paint colours – more about those on a future instalment!

Today has been seriously hard work. This project is going to be a real labour of love! Still, I think we’ve made great progress. The base is fully sanded and the holes are filled. My long-suffering other half chipped off the old rotten feet and fashioned some new ones and now it’s ready for the primer. We also managed to get two chairs sanded and one primed (what a job that was) and we’ve started sanding the table top – more on that another time.


A very exhausting but satisfying day. Now for a massive bowl of prawn and courgette pasta to celebrate!



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I love to make things, usually from patterns but as my experience increases I'm starting to design my own projects. My main skills are knitting, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint, and I'm a reasonably handy baker too!

2 thoughts on “Dining table and chairs upcycle – day 1!”

  1. This is great, I did the exact same thing when I moved in with my partner! I had to do the same as you, buy 4 chairs online to go with it, and they were the most annoying part to sand and paint! It was A LOT of work (as I’m sure you know), but boy was it worth it – people comment on our table all the time, and it was free! Yay! Yours is looking fantastic so far!

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