Little sockies

Tonight I finished my first ever pair of knitted socks, woo hoo!
Well, I guess they’re more like slipper sock type things as they come just over the heel.


The tension is much neater on the second one (on the left) than the first as I’m not really used to knitting on double pointed needles but I wanted to have another go. The only other thing I’ve made on dpn’s was a pair of cabled wrist warmers a few years ago which were too baggy, too big, never got worn and eventually got pulled back and I used the wool for something else.

No chance of the same thing happening with these beauties! I love them, though they are far from perfect.

I had some Rowan cocoon left over from the teddy project I did in the summer and really wanted to use it for something cosy for myself! I wanted to do socks and I basically just searched Ravelry for sock patterns in chunky wool that used the amount I had our less and this is what I found!


I love them, they’re so cosy and comfy and the fit is perfect – as they’re home made! They were pretty easy to make considering how long I’d wanted to try socks and put it off. For a first go I recommend using a pattern in chunky yarn though because they make up quickly so you don’t get bored and give up – I did each one in two evenings.


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I love to make things, usually from patterns but as my experience increases I'm starting to design my own projects. My main skills are knitting, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint, and I'm a reasonably handy baker too!

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