Cosy Cottage Blanket part 1

Hi again everyone,

I hope the new year is treating you well so far! Mine’s been fairly quiet but enjoyable. I’m making good progress on my cosy cottage blanket. Did you see the colours I got for Christmas here? It’s the “Cottage” version of the Attic 24 Stylecraft Special DK colour packs. I’m not normally a fan of acrylic yarn although I do think it’s good for toys and things, but so far I’m a big fan of this yarn. I love making blankets but they take such a lot of yarn they can end up being very expensive to make so it’s great to be able to create something so pleasing to the eyes and the touch at a very reasonable price! My blanket is going to be lovely and warm and cosy when it’s finished. Would you like to see some pictures of my progress so far? Here we go…

2015-01-01 14.12.55 2015-01-01 14.13.30 2015-01-01 18.54.54 2015-01-01 19.42.46 2015-01-04 15.54.58 DSCF2776 DSCF2777

The first picture is me in the car on our way back from spending the new year in Wales with my partner’s family,which was lovely. We drank some bubbles and let off fire works on the beach at midnight in memory of his step-mother who we sadly lost to cancer in the autumn. New year’s eve would have been her birthday. Over the years R’s dad and his wife had started a bit of a trend locally to do fireworks at midnight on the stretch of beach in front of their house. It really is a beautiful place. Anyway, it was lovely to see that there were already some other people on the beach who’d lit a fire. There was a lovely atmosphere down there and the weather was kind as it had been somewhat stormy earlier in the evening!

2015-01-01 00.21.03 DSCF2771

This last picture was taken on the morning of new years day.

So, back to the blanket. As I (may have) mentioned before, I’m doing the Cosy Blanket from Attic 24 blog which you can see here. Lucy did it as a crochet-along but as I’d asked for the Cottage pack for Christmas from my parents I thought I’d hold off and do the cosy blanket with the cottage colours instead of the cosy pack. So far I’ve done 36 1/2 stripes and I’m totally loving it. I think it looks just as good as Lucy’s version in the cosy colours. I will have to start thinking of the order for the next 15 stripes soon. I have no specific plan for the colours I’m just using my little colour pegs to work them out in batches of 15 so there’s one of each colour in each section of 15 stripes.

I think I’ve written enough about it now, I’m dying to make a cuppa and cosy under it to do a couple more stripes!

What are you working on at the moment? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


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I love to make things, usually from patterns but as my experience increases I'm starting to design my own projects. My main skills are knitting, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint, and I'm a reasonably handy baker too!

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