Cosy Cottage blanket part 2

Back in January I wrote a post describing the beginnings of my Cosy Cottage blanket. Now I’m back to focusing on my blog and all things crafty I thought I’d better finish the story!

So I was using the Cottage colour pack from Lucy of Attic24’s collection from Wool Warehouse and the Cosy blanket pattern. When I last updated I’d done a bit over two sets of stripes. Instead of following one of Lucy’s plans for using the different colours I decided to make up my own.  Not quite random but each colour would be used in each set of 15 stripes. Often those colour choices had to be made in the evenings when the light was less than ideal as it was winter time.


When I was about half way through I loved how it looked in the winter sunshine draped over a chair.


Here it’s nearly done. I was debating whether it needed one more set of stripes but in the end I decided it would be too long.


And finally onto the edging…



I did the edging all in one day but it took aaaages!

And now for the ta-da moment…





I love, love, love my Cosy Cottage blanket and was so happy to finish it although I did miss working on it when it was done. It only took about 5 weeks over all to do. It didn’t get much use over the summer but now we’re back into autumn I’m loving snuggling in it once again. I highly recommend Lucy’s patterns from the Attic24 blog as they always turn out lovely!

S x


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I love to make things, usually from patterns but as my experience increases I'm starting to design my own projects. My main skills are knitting, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint, and I'm a reasonably handy baker too!

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