Chalk paint and wax makeover of a bedside table

Our home contains a variety of furniture we have collected over the last 5 years from various places. Some is new, some are hand-me-downs and some are eBay purchases. Currently in our spare bedroom the furniture is either hand painted or from a matching set of Ikea pieces. All except an old bedside table that used belong in my parents’ home. For a long time I ignored this fact but recently it started to annoy me and I decided it was time to do something about it.

As a lover of chalk paint I had bought an Annie Sloan book some time ago but never done more than flick through it. I finally had a proper look and found some inspiration for my prospective project.


On a bit of a whim (always best to strike whilst the iron’s hot with these things I find) we set off to an Annie Sloan stockist in nearby Holmfirth. This well – known Yorkshire town is full of lovely shops, pubs and cafés and is always a joy to visit. Hidden at the end of a quintesentially Yorkshire cobbled street is Lost and Found Interiors. This was the first time I’d visited the shop but I’ll definitely be back. I could happily furnish my entire house from their lovely vintage and upcycled stock! I had a chat with the owner about my idea. He runs Annie Sloan workshops so was full of useful suggestions though I’m not sure he was completely on board with my planned technique! As well as the paints and wax I needed I also picked up a funky print.


The next day I dug out my dust sheets, cloths and brushes and set to work. After cleaning the cabinet I started with a coat of Old White and let it dry (which doesn’t take long). In my haste to get going I’m afraid I forgot to take a before picture!


Here you can see that this white coat is applied unevenly and all in different directions to get the required effect. This goes against how I’d normally prefer to do things but I found it quite liberating! Next, on to the coat of Provence applied in the same way but without letting the white show through too much. Let it dry.


The door handle isn’t painted. I covered it in aluminium foil to protect it. Originally I had planned to distress the finish next so you could see the white paint through it. I tried this on a small section and didn’t like it so didn’t do any more.

Next comes the fun bit – waxing! This is where the project really comes to life. First you coat the whole thing in a layer of clear wax to protect it. Then you start to apply the dark wax. It seems a bit scary at first. Your item is looking lovely. Not yet how you imagined the finished product but ok. Then you start slapping on the brown wax and think “what have I done!”  You have to keep the faith that you can do it and it’ll turn out just right!


This photo shows the side of the cabinet as I was working my way down to the bottom. Apply the dark wax with a brush, making sure you work it into the contours made by the way you’ve applied the paint. Then use a cloth to get most of it off again. It dries quickly so you have to work in small sections and it takes a bit of elbow grease! If there are bits with too much dark wax and you don’t like it you can use more clear wax to help remove the excess. When you’re happy with the finish leave it to dry.


It took me several hours to get to this point. It’s quite handy though as in the drying time after each coat of paint you can go and get a few jobs done around the house (or sit and chill out with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two!). After 24 hours use a clean cloth to buff the cabinet to a nice finish which removes any stickiness from the wax. Ta-da! You’re done!

Position, style, admire!






Thank you for reading. Leave me a comment if you’d like. Why don’t you have a go yourself? I’d love to hear how you get on!


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I love to make things, usually from patterns but as my experience increases I'm starting to design my own projects. My main skills are knitting, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint, and I'm a reasonably handy baker too!

2 thoughts on “Chalk paint and wax makeover of a bedside table”

  1. I love this! I have these cupboards but they are a bit boring. Did you do anything to the cabinets before you started other than clean them as they have an almost plastic venner?

    1. Thank you! Nope – that’s the beauty of the chalk paint – no extra prep necessary, it will adhere to almost any surface! There’s so much variety in what you can achieve with it so it’s great fun to do. Have a go!

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