Dining table and chairs – 9 days on!

We started the table and chairs project a little over a week ago when we had a few days off work. By the end of the weekend we’d got the base finished with two coats of primer and THREE of topcoat to get a nice finish. Painstaking but worth it as it looks lovely. I still think I might wax over the top to help protect it but this will have to wait for now. I got the first chair primed and the first coat of colour on. And finally R got a coat of varnish on the table top.


I’m proud of bits like this where I’ve managed to sand and fill the damaged areas and make them look much nicer…Image

Like this…


The base is painted in Lamp Room Grey by Farrow and Ball which is just a beautiful colour. I still have over half a tin left so I’m sure it won’t be long until I find something else to use it on. Perhaps the new desk I picked up yesterday?

Anyway since going back to work I have to report that progress has been agonisingly slow unfortunately! The first couple of days met with traffic disasters and so it was dark when I got home so not the best time to paint. Combine this with a little socialising, other things that needed doing, working this weekend and just life in general I’ve not got much done. And now the clocks have gone back, which is not going to help either! The second coat of blue’s gone on the chair though and it looks so much better. I think it still needs another coat though!


The colour looks darker in the daylight without the flash (and much more sophisticated I like to think!). It was meant to be Drawing Roon Blue by Farrow and Ball but we couldn’t get hold of any without ordering it and just wanted to get on with it so we had the best match possible made up in Dulux eggshell instead. We got more paint for less money and the colour is a pretty good match to be fair!

In the end I’ve come to the conclusion that this project is going to take a long time to complete! I know it’s going to be worth it though in the end and I’m enjoying the process. Most of the time! The chairs are hard work though – I’m definitely going to do them one at a time! When it’s finished I’ll have to make some new covers for the chair cushions. Any ideas what colour I should choose?

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If you’re working on any upcycling projects, I’d love to hear about it, and I hope you’re enjoying it!


Dining table and chairs upcycle – day 2

Haven’t got so much done today as each step takes ages. Also there’s drying time to consider. Firstly I used wood filler around the new feet to tidy them up a little, which has to dry before you can sand it. I then added a second coat of primer to the first chair and have managed to do two coats on the table base. Not bad progress I guess!


Can’t wait to get it finished but it’s going to take a while!

In other news, my order arrived for some wool to make a baby blanket for a friend – very exciting! My favourite yarn supplier at the moment is Love Knitting for their great range of yarn and very quick delivery!


We have a birthday celebration to attend tonight so won’t get anything else done today but I hope we can get some more done tomorrow.