How do you like my new look?

I finally finished my patchwork blanket (except for a border but I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about that yet). I’ve been working on it for a whole year. As it’s so colourful and encompasses my loves of knitting and crochet, I thought it might make a good picture for a new header. Then while I was at it I carried on and changed my theme. Hope you like it! I’d love to know what you think…

2014-01-23 15.53.37




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Too many WIP’s!

At work yesterday one of my colleagues asked if I could make her some little crochet woodland characters for her child’s bedroom. I’d love to help but I explained I’ve got so much on at the moment that it might take me a while (plus, no patterns in my collection immediately sprang to mind). Later, she asked what I was working on? When I started to reel off a list I realised that I might have to start finishing some projects before I start any new ones…

Crochet butterfly motifs to decorate home-made cushion,
needlepoint cushion, (plus I need to make up the matching one I made last year)
knitted/crochet patchwork blanket (now a whole year in the making),
tea cosy, toaster cover and food mixer cover to match kitchen blind,
re-cover old footstool in fabric with a fox on (and a cushion to match),
crochet skirt that I have just received the yarn I’d ordered for…

and this morning I had an idea for a crochet cushion in country-inspired yarn/colours…

and a pair of socks I started last night!

So much crafting, so little time! There seemed to be even more when I was talking through them. I just can’t seem to help myself at the moment – all I want to do is crafts and I’m forever having more ideas for things I’d like to do and I feel like I have to seize the moment or it might just stay an idea! Maybe I should try to get better at drawing and start sketching my project ideas? That way I’d get them out of my head (it seems very cluttered in there at the moment) and into a book or something so I could come back to the idea later and remember the details rather than constantly starting new things? Or maybe I just like to have lots going on so I can choose what I feel like doing that day…?

Would you like to see a few of my wips/recent FO’s?

Image My hat that was the first think I’d knitted on a circular needle


Christmas bunting I made at a sewing workshop

ImageMy part-finished blanket and a selection of as yet un-joined squares (bit of a rubbish picture, sorry)

Image My first “sockette”

Image A little amigurumi fox toy for a friend from work who’s having a baby

Image Handle covers for my boyfriend’s ugly old drinks cabinet

Image And here’s the fox fabric I bought for a cushion and footstool.

I think that’s enough for now… I’d better go and get on with something!