It’s showtime!

A bit of a different post this week. I have so many projects on the go at the moment so I haven’t got any completed work to show you. So instead I thought I’d share some photos from the weekend.

We’ve started to enjoy going to local agricultural shows. The first we went to was Emley a few weekends ago. We enjoyed great food and some good beer, as well as looking at all the lovely stalls in the craft fair.  These made me envious and one day I’d love to have a stall of my own! One of the aspects of the show we most enjoyed were the flower, vegetable and domestic shows. Looking at everyone’s produce and other exhibits is really inspirational and made me wish I’d joined in. So this weekend was the Mirfield show and I decided to enter a photograph in one of the photography classes.

DSC02614 (Here’s a selection of the vegetable entries)

The classes included “seasons of the year,” “humorous with a caption,” and the class I entered “water scene.” We had to get there for 10:45 to enter the photo and following a rather heavy night the night before this proved trickier than anticipated but we just got to the marquee in time! We queued up for a while behind other entrants who had entry forms full of exhibits and there I was with my one. I’m sure in future I may be able to rustle up some more entries as I’ve now definitely caught the bug! I placed my picture alongside the others in the class and had a good look at the competition. There was a lovely photo of some colourful boats which I thought was great, as well as several more traditional water scenes that I thought would impress the judges.

After waiting patiently for a couple of hours for the marquee to re-open following judging, we hurried back to see if my photo had been placed. To my utter astonishment and enormous satisfaction, I’d come first in the class! I got to collect my £2 winnings later in the afternoon which was a significant increase to my 20p entry fee but the sense of achievement far outweighed the financial gain! So I’ll put you out of your misery –here’s my winning picture…


The one I liked with the boats came second but I’m afraid I don’t have a picture of that to compare.

And here’s some more photos of the other exhibits from the day – lots of inspiration for me for next year’s shows…


Beautiful dahlias, gladioli and a succulent.


And just for fun, a little bit of duck herding!