Time for a teddy

It’s been a little while since my last post as I’ve had lots of things on the go, but hopefully that means I’ll have lots to tell you about over the coming weeks!

When I found out one of my friends was expecting a baby I felt like making something different to the usual little cardigans I tend to go for. So, I had a look through all my patterns and the one I couldn’t resist was a gorgeous little teddy bear from a book called Baby and toddler knits made easy. The link takes you to the book people’s website. I have no affiliation with them, it’s just where I got the book from! Anyway it is full of lovely patterns using some of my favourite wool brands and the patterns I’ve used from it work really well and are easy to follow – just like the title suggests!


When I was younger I had a nasty habit of collecting bits of projects in my basket and never quite getting around to making them up. This probably stems from the fact that I’m not as confident with my sewing as I am my knitting. So on this one, as it was for a friend and had a time limit of the baby’s arrival, I decided to try to follow the instructions and make it up as I went along. It sort of worked out!

DSCF1922  How cute are his little legs!

DSCF1925 Nearly there now…


And he’s finished! I think I put his ears on a little low down and his nose is a bit too pointy so he’s looks a little bit more like a mouse than a bear, but I’m still pleased with him as it was my first attempt at a toy since I made one of Jean Greenhow’s classic doll patterns when I was a little girl.

My favourite thing about doing projects like this is that they’re quick to do and so you get that instant hit of satisfaction! He’s also made of simple garter stitch (knit) throughout with just a little bit of stocking stitch for his nose (alternate knit and purl rows) and a smidgen of embroidery for the eyes, so it’s a really easy pattern but looks pretty impressive. I’d highly recommend you to have a go!