New furniture projects!

At the weekend we acquired not one but two new pieces of furniture. I say new but neither is actually what you might call “box fresh” but they’re new to us!


The first is a pine dresser which was kindly given to us by friends who no longer need it. I had originally planned to renovate this for sale but I’m now thinking I might keep it to store my craft supplies in the spare room.


The second is a vintage tall boy. This is going to be my OH’s new (rather large) bedside cabinet. He doesn’t have enough storage at the moment and so I get frustrated that his side of the room is always messy and I can’t clean it properly! We bought the tall boy from a local charity shop called Pass It On Vintage. I could’ve gone a bit mad in there and bought so much! It was great and I’m sure I’ll be going back at some point.

For the dresser I plan to keep it simple as my craft supplies will provide lots of colour and interest. The plan is to clean it up, sand it only where necessary and then paint with Annie Sloan’s Old White followed by clear wax. At this stage I haven’t decided what to do about the handles. I think I might get some new ones but actually quite like the chunky pine originals.

For the tall boy I plan a complete colour change to go with our bedroom decor. I’m also going to have a go at making my own chalk paint for this one! We’ve had a tester pot of our chosen colour made up (on offer for £1 in B&Q!) and some plaster of paris to mix it with. You could only get it in 2.5kg boxes so it might take me a lifetime to use up! I will also need to sand the tall boy. I’m after a smooth look for this and there are some areas where the current finish Is damaged so it might take some elbow grease!

I have no idea when I’ll manage to find the time to work on these projects with everything else I’ve got on but watch this space! 


The beauty of crafts

Last summer I picked up an embroidered picture from a little bric-a-brac stall at a local craft fair. It hangs on the wall outside our bathroom and I look at it many times everyday. It’s a lovely garden scene with a path leading through beautiful floral borders and a bird table alongside, all set off in a lovely antique gold style frame.


I often look at it and wonder who the lady was that created it? Where did she live? Did she have a family? She must have spent many hours working on it.


I love the detail of the flowers and it really makes me smile to look at it. The dark blue flowers on the right are my favourite. I wonder what variety they are? I don’t really know a lot about gardening yet but I’m inspired to learn.


And these delicate pink flowers, so detailed.

I wonder if she ever thought someone else would get so much enjoyment from it when she made it? Don’t you think it’s a wonderful testament to the fact that we all put so much time and love into our craft projects that they might get a second lease of life and be enjoyed in this way? The beauty and longevity of crafts. It really gives me a warm glow inside to think about this, don’t you agree?

Do you have any little gems in your collection that you’ve found or inherited? I’d love to hear about them. It would be lovely to know you’ve stopped by…

Sarah x